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Scott Halvorsen

Branch Manager - Mortgage Specialist (NMLS #223854)

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Scott Halvorsen
 Branch Manager - Mortgage Specialist

Branch Manager - Mortgage Specialist

Work with Scott Halvorsen and you’ll discover what it means to have someone go the extra mile. With the experience, know-how, and practical knowledge to help you navigate the world of mortgages, Scott Halvorsen can find the match between your checklist and the best real-world solution for your needs.

It takes focus and a powerful eye for detail to provide quality for every client, time and time again. That’s exactly what Scott Halvorsen aims to do—all with the professional, upbeat attitude that makes for an enjoyable experience. To talk with Scott Halvorsen, dial (847) 989-9480.

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Scott is a Mortgage Advisor with
more than 15 years Experience.

It begins with experience. The time-tested lessons that come with multiple years in the industry have helped fashion Scott Halvorsen into a seasoned professional. There are simply too many things that you can’t learn in a book—and that’s why it helps to have a mortgage professional in your corner, advising you every step of the way. With years of learning, adapting, and building a strong reputation—not to mention plenty of happy clients—Scott Halvorsen is ready to share that experience with you.

But it’s more than bullet points in the resume that make Scott Halvorsen so special to work with. Clients enjoy the professionalism, the upbeat and friendly attitude, the willingness to go the extra mile. After all, this is essentially a people business. To succeed, you’ll need someone who understands the mindset it requires to find the best possible solution for clients. Working with Scott Halvorsen, you’ll discover that not only does their experience matter—but the experience you have when you work together is paramount.

Working in the mortgage industry requires a strong, powerful presence and a willingness to be relentless in the pursuit of the right situation. With Scott Halvorsen, you’ll know that you have a strong ally on your side. The process will be positive, focused, and always centered on reaching your specific goals. In the end, that’s what all of those years of experience add up to: learning how to take one client from Point A from Point B, even if there’s no roadmap to get started. Call (847) 989-9480 if you’re interested in working with Scott Halvorsen today.

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients
Scott and his team made our experience so easy. They were always quick and thorough when answering our many questions.
Becca Baker
We worked with Scott two times, and he has gotten nothing but better and better overtime.
Francesc Borrull
Scott and his team is an excellent resource to get help in the mortgage services.
Siraj Hashmi
Scott was was fantastic to work with during our first closing and refinance. He was educational, patient and extremely helpful. It's clear that he's working for you and will do what he can to make sure you're getting the best deal that there is to offer.
Ellen Bomba
Scott and his team were instrumental in helping us achieve the purchase of our first home. They made everything easy to understand, and were always willing to answer any questions we had.
Sean Enk
Scott Halvorsen is by far the best mortgage person I have ever worked with. He is very responsive and answers all my questions thoroughly.
Jamie Allen
My friend recommended Scott saying he was the best in the business. I never expected such a statement to be true but Scott and his team is the best. He custom tailored a loan package that fit my needs.
Nick Chairos

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